Adding transparency to the supply chain

SupplyBlockchain is a B2B SaaS supply chain management platform that enables blockchain pairing of data assets by adding transparent, decentralized and immutable proof of time and location to physical products.

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Use cases

Pharmaceutical products traceability

In a report by American Health & Drugs Benefits, the group estimated that counterfeit drugs provide approximately $75 billion in revenue annually to illegal operators and have caused more than 100,000 deaths worldwide with the cost in lost profits to pharmaceutical companies estimated to be $18 billion annually.

Humanitarian aid transparency

"One simple equation is widely accepted today within the international aid community: true accountability can only be achieved through transparency." - Center for economic and policy research report on Haiti assistance

Manufacturing goods provenance

"End consumers may be concerned with the authenticity and the ethics of the products they buy, but companies also seek reassurance about the goods they procure. The new technologies of provenance will be as important for supply chain operations as they are for marketing." - Harvard Business Review - The Transparent Supply Chain

The team behind SupplyBlockchain has a cummulated experience of more than 100 years in tech, business, strategy, sales and law.

Sebastian is a tech entrepreneur with extended experience in the media industry and a PhD Candidate on blockchain studies. He has more than 20 years of business executive-level experience working with Hubert Burda Media, Apple, Avandor, Liftago, Listplorer and CyberSwarm.

Andrei is a full stack developer with an impressive track record in cyber security and blockchain development.

Alin is a senior marketing & sales professional and a successful entrepreneur, selling his first company in 2008.

Antonio is the Founder & CEO of mobilPay Wallet and the Co-Founder of

Felix is the Co-Founder & CTO of NETOPIA System.

Vlad is the Co-Founder & CIO of Albaron Verntures and a Stanford CS alumni.

Traian is the CEO of SoundFeed and an experienced intellectual property lawyer.

Razvan is the CTO of Laitek, Inc. and a pioneer in medical imaging data migrations.

Titus is the Director of Marketing at Civic Technologies and an experienced technology entrepreneur and marketing executive.

Sebastian Cochinescu
Sebastian Cochinescu
Founder & CEO
Andrei Popa
Andrei Popa
Co-founder & CTO
Alin Gabriel Zainescu
Alin Gabriel Zainescu
VP of Sales & Marketing
Antonio Eram
Business Advisor
Felix Crisan
Technical Advisor
Vlad Andrei
Strategy Advisor
Traian Paicu
Legal Advisor
Razvan Costea-Barlutiu
Technical and Strategy Advisor
Titus Capilnean
Marketing Advisor

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